Why ask why…..

The number one best thing I learned in Therapist School was taught to me by my professor and advisor, Dr. Wooten.  He said, “Do anything in your power to never use the word ‘why’.”  “Why” puts people on the defensive.  Most people don’t even know why they did something or failed to do something so it’s difficult, if not impossible to answer a direct “why.”  This “why” is especially frustrating when people keep asking about themselves.  “Why do I keep drinking, making bad decisions, picking the wrong men???”  Here’s a radical thought:  it doesn’t matter why.  Sure there’s a reason – but it’s not working so change.  Do something different.  Drilling down to the hidden whys will not necessarily fix anything.  But a different action or response, no matter the why, might…..check out this list, especially number 6.


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