Why is she like that? Psychological types

Where do you put your attention?  Where do you get your energy?  How do you take in information?  How do you make decisions?  How do you interact with the outer world?  Would it be helpful to you to know the answers to these questions?

The Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicatior is an inventory of psychological type based on the theories of Carl G. Jung.  It can identify your preferences of attention and energy, intake of information, decision making and interacting with the outer world.  It measures these preferences on the four axes of Extrovert-Introvert, Sensate-Intuitive, Thinking-Feeling and Judging-Perceiving.  Knowing your preferences and the preferences of those around you can foster understanding and cooperation between couples, in families and in the workplace. 

For instance, Extroverts’ attention flows naturally out.  They need other people to give them feedback about themselves.  They get energy from the interaction with others and are uncomfortable if they have to spend long periods of time alone.  Extroverts will talk to everyone at a party for four hours then lead them all to an exciting after-hours dance club.  Introverts are not necessarily shy but their energy naturally flows inward and they need time alone to know their own mind.  Interaction with others often drains them of energy, even when the interaction is with those they love and enjoy being with.  Introverts would never last four hours at the party, much less go out afterward. 

Imagine an Extrovert married to an Intovert.  Or an Extrovert boss and an Introvert employee.  Imagine two Introvert parents with an Extrovert child.  The potential is present for a complementary relationship but often opposite types experience conflict. 

This week, I’ll give a worshop on type for a small business.  The business owner wants the employees to understand themselves and each other to encourage conscious cooperation and a happier, more productive work environment.  If you’re interested in knowing more about how to do this for your business, organization or family, contact me at 601.594.1961 and we’ll develop a workshop just for you.


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