Your Dreams can Change Your Life

You just have to listen to them.  You have to pay attention.  Your dreams will tell you everything you need to know to lead a meaningful life.  A deep life.  A rich life.  Answer, if you can, these six questions.  Answer them today – then answer them a week from now.  See if the answers are the same.  Ready? 1. Who are you? 2. What is your purpose? 3. What do you like about being who you are? 4. What do you NOT like about being who you are? 5. Of what are you most afraid? 6. What do you desire most?  Are any of those tough to answer? Of course, they are all tough to answer if you are any kind of thoughtful person.  Here’s a cool thing – your dreams can answer all of those questions, if you give them a little time and attention…..grandcoteau08-093


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