Do you need an objective listener? Someone to just hear you out and help you decide what’s next?  I really like counseling and coaching people to achieve specific goals, personal or professional.  I can help you discover your true calling, uncover your inner unconscious obstacles and blindspots that keep you stuck.  I can help you understand and begin to cope with the sources of anxiety or depression.  I have a secret tool – actually, everyone has this secret tool – dreams.  Dreams, the kind you have at night, will show you those unconscious obstacles and blindspots and give direction, offer creative solutions, even warn you when you’re not on the right path.  I can teach you to understand the language of your dreams.  Dreams aren’t the only tool I use – but it’s one of the best.  Your dreams will always tell you the truth – about you!

You have a tool within you can access anytime – your dreams. Dreams give us pictures – images of our inner mind and our deeper wisdom. My job is to teach you to discover the meaning in your dream for yourself. Insight from this process often comes very quickly and is enough to solve specific problems. In addition to problem-solving, dream work is also a way of enriching and deepening your understanding of yourself, your relationships and your creative potential. Your dreams can guide you as you develop your potential to its fullest.


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Individual Counseling
I work with high achieving individuals who are struggling to reconnect spiritually, struggling with the problems of midlife, relationships, grief and loss. You know there’s more to life – what are you yearning for? Your dreams show you the way…..call to schedule a time to explore the possibilities.

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How to respond like a Roman Emperor
How can ancient philosophy possibly help us now? I recently read a book that so captured me that I reread it immediately two more times.  I may read it again soon as it speaks to this time.  How to Think Like a Roman Emperor: The Stoic Philosophy of Marcus Aurelius by Donald Robertson ties Stoicism […]...
How to cope
Friends, here are two ideas to help us through this time of isolation and quarantine due to the Covid19 virus:  Journal like mad.  Write your experience each day.  If you have time, several times a day.  This serves two purposes.  One, journaling is an excellent way to process our experience and manage overwhelming feelings of […]...
We Can’t Dream If We Don’t Sleep!
Yeah, you know you need sleep.  You’ve seen the articles, maybe heard Arianna Huffington talk about chronic sleep deficits and the physical and mental impact of those.  Dreams are necessary for memory retention, learning and mood maintenance.  We can’t dream unless we sleep, though.  Here are some good ideas for ensuring good sleep – ...
Oct 12
What are these images and stories that come in our sleep? Do
Feb 28
2020 Winter Dram Conference Featuring Alice Robb!


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