Life Transitions

Work has changed for the worse.

The writing is on the wall – layoffs are coming soon.

There’s a new feeling of tension at the job, impacting how you feel at work and home.

The boss isn’t talking to you. Is it time to move on? Did I do something wrong? Who knows? – I sure don’t.

Ok, that business venture didn’t work out as planned. It was a dismal failure. What now?

Life for you has changed.

At last, the baby has moved away, and there are no children in the house, and now, you face an empty nest – those moments of joy of having your children around cause your heart to sink. You know nothing will ever be the same.

Someone called about Mom seeming confused – again. Can she live on her own anymore?

He finally got a diagnosis, and it’s not good. Not good at all. What do you do now?

Something in the relationship has changed. Your wife says she’s not happy and wants time to herself. What does that mean?

Transitions are part of life – are you ready?

After 45 years of professional achievements – and disappointments – it’s time to stop. Now, you face deciding what to do for the rest of your life and still find meaning and joy.

Now is a perfect time to reflect, recalibrate, and reconnect with the potentials and possibilities.

Together, we can dive into your strengths and dreams – and develop a plan to help you face the future with courage and hope. You always have options – let’s explore them.

Call me at (601) 594-1961 for a free 15-minute consultation. It’s time for a new direction. I look forward to helping you begin your next chapter.