Individual Counseling

Nowhere to turn?

They mean well. They really do. But they’re just not what you need.

Your good friends care about you. But when you confide in them, you get conflicting advice – or answers that come, logically, only from their perspective.

Or maybe you’ve confided in a friend only to learn she violated your trust by sharing your troubles with others.

Your mom means well, but you know she can’t be objective. Or maybe she’s the problem.

A co-worker seems sharp and friendly, but is it wise to mix your life’s personal and professional aspects?

Not exactly.

Maybe what’s on your mind – what’s troubling your heart – is so sensitive that it’s best to share it with someone trained to be objective, ethically, and legally committed to confidentiality.

Sometimes, you just need to think out loud with someone who has no skin in your game.

Sometimes, you need suggestions and direction from a genuinely objective, judgment-free voice.

Sometimes, you need reassurance you aren’t as far out of the norm as you feel.

I can help.

Counseling is part confessional, part problem-solving, and part encouragement.

It’s a little like archeology – digging in the past – and architecture – building a future.

Of course, we dig in the past only to the extent it lays the foundation for a solid future.

And we do our work together based on trust and in the strictest confidentiality, without mixed signals, bias, or conflict of interest.

If you can visualize it, you can make it happen.

Let me help you map a blueprint for confidence, joy, and success.

Let me help you add sturdy, reliable, effective tools to your toolbox, so you can not only design but craft your life – exactly the way you want it.

Call me today at (601) 594-1961 for a complimentary 15-minute conversation to determine how to get started.

You’re only one step away from building the future of your dreams.