Spiritual Abuse

“There’s no hurt like church hurt.”

The betrayal is like no other. You trusted these people.

And they let you down, turned their backs on you, or maybe they outright took advantage and abused you – in the name of God.

Church is supposed to be a safe, sacred home, but it became a place of pain, anger, and sorrow.

Are you mad at God? Is it even possible to reconnect?

Yes, it is. And you are not alone!

It takes time to heal from spiritual wounds. Trauma like that strikes at the heart of who we think we are and what we believe we’re worth.

You need a place to talk it through, grieve, and rebuild your relationship with the Divine within.

I’m here to listen to the pain, disappointment, sadness, and anger of spiritual betrayal.

We can work through this together – and help you heal.

First, tell me what happened to you?

This is a safe, confidential, no-judgment zone where you can recount the betrayal and sorrow.

Spiritual betrayal happens all the time because people who crave power over others know how effective using spiritual beliefs is to manipulate people – for money, control, sexual abuse – you name it.

We’ll watch your dreams. Yes, as incredible as it sounds, you can be guided back to connection with the Divine within you through an experience in your dreams that surpasses intellectual understanding and emotional distress.

We’ll also talk through the signs and symptoms of healthy and unhealthy faith communities when and if you are ready to reconnect.

Something more – something better – awaits.

Can you allow yourself to believe again?

Can you allow yourself to imagine that this experience is actually a step toward a deeper and more profound relationship with God?

Reach out to me today: (601) 594-1961. I’m ready to make this journey with you.